Global Dumbing

The world's biggest and most dangerous problem

The world population is increasing, nearly 8 billion,
with increasing hunger, and availability of nuclear weapons,
while the ability to solve the resulting problems is decreasing.

We need to increase the intelligence of the world
to bring in an Age of Enlightenment
instead of lowering IQ into a "law of the jungle" Age of Ignorance

Low IQ countries have the most kids per female while
High IQ women have few, if any, children.

For example: Somalia has an average IQ of 68, and 6.2 kids per female.


Global Dumbing in Education

Survival of the Unfittest Grant

Helping to achieve Global Dumbing

Money for education of low IQ students
with smaller than average brain sizes
so they can take resources from high IQ
students, graduate, and take jobs from
graduates with larger brains, afford to have kids
who in turn breed more small brained, low IQ children.

Mother Nature is such a bitch with her Natural Law
and Survival of the Fittest policy.  Go Fund Me Now!

University of Utah announces $2.5 million scholarship fund to help low-income students go to school for free

People are generally low income because of low IQ, and high income because of high IQ. (1)
Low IQ correlates with smaller than average brain-to-body size.

Scholarships to low IQ people aggravate the world’s #1 problem, Global Dumbing.
The population is increasing, and humankind’s ability to solve problems is decreasing.

Good intentions often have unintended and disastrous consequences.

Of course, if a student is smart, yet poor, then a scholarship is ok for him/her.

But funding low IQ students discriminates against high IQ students.

Scholarships should be based on merit, not need.

Somalia has an average IQ of 68, and birth rate of 6.2 children per female (2)
who also have smaller than average brain size and low IQ. (3)
Each female, in turn, has 6.2 more children, increasing exponentially.

Meanwhile, high IQ women, such as yourself, have high student debt,
have to work to pay the loans, and have few, if any children.
As time goes on, the number of low IQ people grows and grows.

Low IQ students slow down the classes for high IQ students,
taking up the teacher's time and decreasing the value per hour,
as they sponge off the good reputation of high IQ graduates
competing for jobs they are not really the best qualified for.

Please focus on merit based scholarships to high IQ students,
such as East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews. (4)
Students should be with class mates of equal IQ.

Scholarships to low IQ, low income, students discriminate against
high IQ, high income families, and contribute to #GlobalDumbing.

Global Dumbing Awareness
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